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Are You Being Penny-Wise or Pound-Foolish?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The world of work has changed with the evolution of tech, and the business software also needs to keep up with the shift. What is interesting is to watch, if businesses will be able to cope up with the move or fall behind.

FREMONT, CA: Owners of small businesses always try to cut down on costs because budgeting is an integral part of a smart strategy. Even the necessary word processing, spreadsheet, email application, or industry-specific software that relies on outdated software, can put the company at higher risk.

Here are a few reasons why companies should consider updating to the latest software over the age-old ones:

Smooth Collaboration:

In the present time, working together from different corners of the country by staying apart has become a trend and is vital for every modern business. The new software takes team collaboration to the next level, no matter where the employees are working. Software that allows users to co-author a document, which enables the edits by other people in real-time.  Companies can also use applications that help them to talk, chat, video call, and carry conference calls right inside the document.


Furthermore, using cloud-based software can make sure that the team uses the most up-to-date application available in the market, and the productivity increases with enhanced collaboration. There will be no more IT time wasted in installing patches or updates by hand as well as no more troubles for the companies due to outdated employee computers. Applications with the latest cloud-based software can update automatically in the background without human interference. To have a business that always runs to evolve, companies need to grow with the cloud-based software, its developing features, and new services.


Data security has seen immensely complex yet significant advancements every day. In a small business, dependency on outdated software can give rise to the risk of leaking or hacking of sensitive information. While subscribing to the latest cloud-based software, companies should be relaxed as they have got the most current security measures on their side. The modern versions have built-in data-loss prevention across the applications that significantly reduce the chance of any loss involving sensitive business or customer data.


The software today relies on operating systems that function across tablets, phones, desktops, and laptops. The consistency shows a seamless shift from one device to another and still be able to access the same files, synced on the web.