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Are You Keeping Your Business Safe?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

It is crucial to acquire the products and services that can protect the system as well as bring efficiency, to uphold the security of a business.

FREMONT, CA: Even after satisfying every criterion of having a secure password, millions of cybercriminals desperately wait to find a crack in the security system to access the data. It is the utmost responsibility of the user to keep every avenue leading to the data secured tight.

By fulfilling the minimum threshold of security, companies are doing nothing more to keep their data and information entirely safe. There are a few methods that can protect the business from a dreadful cyberattack in the times to come:

Protecting the Endpoints:

Companies and their employees use endpoints to connect with each other and the business network through a smart device or user-facing tool. Endpoints are considered to be one of the weakest links in the digital assets of the business as they come in contact with human users, making it prone to errors. By downloading several apps, accessing strange messages, navigating on unreliable websites, and allowing BYOD, companies let in malware into the device and help it spread across the entire network. Endpoint security, therefore, chiefly concerns the methods in which tools are used to mitigate threats. On the other hand, its solutions allow businesses to track endpoint usage and take actions accordingly.

Guarding the Network:

Apart from the endpoints, sensitive data in the business includes vital information like account numbers, address, and phone numbers, etc. Cybercriminals target essential data that is collected by the business and use it to gain financial support and prepare for further cyberattacks. So, a company needs to have a robust, multi-layered network system with tight controls on data and devices of the network at each level. Organizations should make use of network firewalls, encryption, traffic monitoring, and a response plan to fight against cybercrime of any intensity.

Training the Employees: 

 It is essential to generate a secure password, but maintaining the credentials is even more vital for the company. The employees should be educated on the different aspects of cybersecurity and asked not to connect with any unknown or unreliable Wi-Fi networks. Organizations can take initiatives such as security training workshops for staff by the IT department to help the employees understand business safety.

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