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Are You Ready for an Agile Adoption?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Everything is moving fast. Fast companies, fast markets, fast technology, fast lifestyle. With this ever-evolving market, agile organizations are also gaining prominence. Agile is a method of working and delivering at high speed and in a collaborative way. It means getting people from different locations and multiple functions to work together on a common goal for a fixed period.

Is your Enterprise Ready For This?

As one will be outside with their agile team, they have to work for an extended time. Hence, it is essential to work successfully outside the traditional grouping of colleagues, and the progress will be tracked daily; therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the agile team on the progress one has made on the previous day.

•  Be prepared to listen

Listening means accepting feedback on the ideas and tasks in an open forum as one has to be used to it so that it doesn’t affect one’s contribution. This listening further implies that one learns new perspectives and skills from the other organization and accepts comments from their squad peers.

The leadership in an agile organization is different; it’s less about directing and coordinating and more about goal setting and collaboration. Hence it is a role which is directed toward finding ways to be successful.

•  Plan the development

It is essential to go beyond the usual functional model and accept the changes. As the functions will restructure regularly, the squads will be changed, or they will be reconstituted more often than the most traditional organizational structure. This will happen because teams are there to meet objectives, and as goals will be changed, there will be a need to reform these teams. So how will enterprises know that they are moving ahead with this competitive environment? The only way is to volunteer and join agile organizations to get used to this new way of working. 

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