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Are you running a Jewelry Business? See how Big Data can Help your Business

By CIOReview | Monday, March 5, 2018

Penetration of big data into the business space is very likely to introduce an e-commerce paradigm for the sales of jewelry. A significant contribution comes from big data’s manifold benefits technologies that help jewelry firms to provide their services at customers’ doorstep and serve them with their best products and services.

Big data supports jewelry businesses by offering personified services and experiences to their customers as such services enhance their businesses remarkably. Jewelry companies can easily get feedback, opinions from their customers on the products sold and this helps them to develop newer products and services.

Customers’ opinions also facilitate these firms to formulate new business strategies for their sales campaigns, advertisements, and for others to expand their business reach. According to the market experts, personalized jewelry products can increase the order size by more than 20 percent, and yet only a few firms offer customized products.

Incorporating big data into digital marketing lends its support to jewelry companies to strengthen their brand further and reach out to more prospective buyers. A strong brand and marketing strategy will be the deal-closer, as it ensures good quality of products and services are sold to the consumers, and their specific requirements are met. Thus, big data enables the companies to improve their brand by targeting prospective clients and finding appropriate channels to reach them.

According to several market research experts, every connected human will be creating about 1.7 MBs of data per second by 2020. As a result, most businesses mine and analyze big data to gather insights which can help them make informed decisions and strategic business moves, and the jewelry industry is no exception.

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