Ariel Solutions Adapts SureLock and SureFox to Meet On-the-go Market Demands

By CIOReview | Monday, November 16, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: Ariel Solution secures its employees with 42Gears SureLock and SureFox solutions to keep Android devices shielded from cyber threats. The collaboration will ensure that employees’ mobile devices work efficiently and securely and to carry out businesses processes without any interruption.

The solution will enable Ariel Solution company’s crew to effectively carry out daily processes including sending reports, billing, mails and regular daily updates. SureLock system will allow only required application run on the device with strict admin access along with protected password option. It comes with easy installation configuration and maximizes work productivity with restricted applications.

On the other hand, SureFox denies unwanted browsing platforms for higher workforce productivity making the device apt for deployment as web kiosks or as field devices. It reduces the time and cost involved in device maintenance and comes with customizable interface for user-friendly option ,making it ideal for mass deployment.

“With the implementation of SureLock and SureFox, we are able to control what our employees install on company tablets and prevent them from using the tablets for anything other than company business,” says Richard Coleman, Director of Operations and Safety, Aerial Solutions.