ARM Expands IoT Interests with Bluetooth Specialists Wicentric and SMD
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ARM Expands IoT Interests with Bluetooth Specialists Wicentric and SMD

By CIOReview | Monday, April 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA: ARM, designer of mobile processors braces for the emerging IoT era by acquiring Wicentric, a Bluetooth Smart stack and profile provider, and Sunrise Micro Devices (SMD), a provider of sub-one volt Bluetooth radio intellectual property (IP).  Both the solutions will be incorporated into ARM Cordio portfolio which is ARM’s standards-based, low-power radio IP solutions.

Wicentric software solutions boost energy efficiency and ARM intends to capitalize the bluetooth stack and silicon integration to help in developing low-power wireless IoT products. On the other hand SMD are communications specialist that focuses on radio IP solutions with native sub-one volt operation. Batteries get extended life with these solutions with even capability to leverage harvested technology like solar energy.

On the latest acquisitions, Mark Tyson for Hexus observes, “the sub 1V Cordio Radio IP can typically result in 60 per cent more battery life than rival 1.2V solutions. SoC designers, especially those using the ARM Cortex-M series of processors, should therefore be attracted by ARM's newly acquired radio IP which offers easy radio solution supporting process, system, and software integration.”

The updated ARM Cordio portfolio is available for immediate licensing.