Armacell Offers a Host of Acoustic Foam Solutions for Transportation and Construction Industries

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Armacell, a provider of in flexible insulation foams for the equipment insulation market, offers ten new ways to deliver noise and vibration free construction and transportation related applications. One of the ways includes the use of acoustic tapes that creates barriers between spaces to high performance anti-vibration systems.

There are three acoustic solutions from Armacell Component Foams –Tubolit, ArmaSeal and ArmaBlok. Tubolit AR Fonowave Acoustical Insulation is used for wastewater pipes in commercial and residential buildings, part of their turnkey Acoustic Pipe Lagging System (Patent Pending). ArmaSeal Air Barrier Gasket and Acoustic Tape is used for air sealing of the building envelope in both commercial and residential buildings.

ArmaSeal MD Acoustical Decouplers serves to prevent airborne or structure-borne sound transmission through wall systems in commercial and residential buildings. ArmaBlok Anti-vibration and Load Bearing Pads is used for transportation related applications such as compression seals for high-speed rail track systems and bridge expansion joints and ArmaBlok SB Acoustic Insulation is used for lining various HVAC and industrial enclosures to absorb vibration.

“Solving any given noise or vibration problem involves far more science and detective work than most people can appreciate. With these ten new products, Armacell has narrowed the search zone for architectural and acoustical engineers,” says Jeffrey Lippy, Armacell Business Director- Component Foam.