ARMS: A Helping Hand for Your Enterprise Workflow Processes
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ARMS: A Helping Hand for Your Enterprise Workflow Processes

By CIOReview | Friday, July 24, 2015

DE PERE, WI: Gone are the days when one has to organize documents and figure out workflow processes on their own because Automated Records Management Service (ARMS) is now here to manage services from start to finish. It makes you feel privileged with no hours of thumbing through files and sorting through documents. 

According to an article by Kiar Olson in, ARMS –an automation process leverages software to increase business process visibility, accountability and efficiency. Apart from mobile document access and integration into Line of Business Software with databases like SAP, Dynamics GP, MSSQL, Oracle and Quickbooks; ARMS workflow automation also includes web forms, paperless office, email archiving, email management, HR and Onboarding Automation, and electronic document maintenance management.  It can be cloud-based or on-site depending on the person’s need.  

“Don’t throw away your time by trying to re-create the business solutions that already exist. Allow us to help your business operate more efficiently,” says Eric Haas, President and CEO, ARMS in the article by Olson.

In addition, to protect your documents and to optimize productivity, ARMS offers flexible and scalable solutions which include scanning and digitizing documents and other media. However, document destruction is also a crucial part of document security and to avail this last document management path, it delivers mobile shredding. The process is supervised by National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) which involves the placing of sensitive data into the mobile shredder and the destruction. It is a HIPAA and PCI compliant process from the starting to the issuing of the certificate of destruction.

Talking about the destruction of data and documents, Eric states that proper handling and destruction of data is critically important like a legal requirement. The effects of improper disposal could be catastrophic. Like document destruction, ARMS also offers hard drive destruction and special equipment for disintegrating micro-media such as microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards, certified by NAID AAA.