Aroga Acquires Consumer Products and Goods Company, OXO Worldwide

By CIOReview | Monday, August 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Aroga Holding, a pharmaceutical company, and their partner company Aroga Technologies announce the acquisition of OXO Worldwide securing its newest global Google client to offer a compelling Google social business platform for distributors.

OXO Worldwide, an international network marketing (NWM) company, utilizes Google ecosystem for its distribution base through Aroga’s IT team hence saving up to 70 percent on cost of communications and computing while reducing environmental impact by up to 98 percent.

With the acquisition of OXO worldwide, Aroga continues to expand its product suite and partnership base along with existing products and services that offer advantages to NWM.

“This agreement with Aroga is a synergistic and strategic opportunity for OXO Worldwide, allowing us to work with a well-established market leader with over 28 years history in education, sales, marketing and distribution. It will increase our global customer reach, as the leader in NWM. Combined, we will be the dominant player globally in NWM supporting multiple NWM companies and products ensuring they reach their true potential” stated Douglas Yates, President, OXO Worldwide.