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Artificial Intelligence and The Cloud: Revolution in The IT Space

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 22, 2018

In the present times, the giants in the information technology space such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others are attempting a consolidation of the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence. The process, as stated in the report by IDC Framingham, Mass, will strengthen the capabilities of both the technologies as AI functionalities such as machine learning, natural language processing and more will be incorporated into the amalgamation. The purpose of this concept is to offer the appropriate tools and technology to developers in order to build advanced applications. IDC had published a number of predictions suggesting competitive scenario among AI providers to merge AI with the cloud technology, following which after some months, the Research Director of IDC, David Schubmehl affirmed that the rush had already begun.

In addition, two more predictions by IDC show that by 2019, over 40 percent of organizations are likely to implement AI into their infrastructure, while almost 75 percent of the organizations are going to adopt AI for their business.

According to Schubmehl, the influence of AI on the market in the current times can be compared to the launch of the relational database in the 1980s. Although there were other forms of databases operational at that period, the inception of relational database succeeded in enhancing productivity in the workplace.

Currently, business enterprises are in a state of transition from the traditional methodologies to a smarter, cloud-driven approach. Therefore, vendors are looking to present cloud storage environments with an advanced AI setup with all the functionalities incorporated into the service. Experts are considering this phase as a second stage of cloud initiatives.

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