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Artificial Intelligence Improves Cybersecurity in Data Centers

By CIOReview | Friday, February 9, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI), with its ability to handle large amount of data, is playing a major role in cybersecurity by controlling threats. AI can predict and accurately identify threats to prevent them. According to a research conducted by Wakefield Research and Webroot, a cybersecurity vendor, 99 percent of the companies believe that AI could enhance their cybersecurity process. Further, 87 percent of these companies have already deployed AI.

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There is a vast misconception that AI could replace security analyst, on the contrary, AI frees security analysts to spend time on higher value and more strategic initiatives. Any suspicious activity recognized by the machine is passed to the security analyst to respond to. In some cases, AI can respond by itself.

AI can be utilized in behavior analysis as it can structure and organize data in a better way. AI scrutinizes forensic data, detects vulnerabilities by scanning codes and assists security tools to spot abnormalities. One of the biggest strengths of AI is that it can recognize never before seen malwares by understanding mistrustful user activity. It also improves the workflow by enabling the organization to prioritize their tasks. 

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