Artificial intelligence in Supply Chain
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Artificial intelligence in Supply Chain

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 15, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The cost of time management in business has skyrocketed as more retailers engage in a constant struggle of beating each other on shipping and price, which comes at both an environmental and monetary cost. To manage a supply chain where there is no excess, and excellent shipping speed is a very fine ligature, but there are artificial intelligence solutions to help to upgrade operations. AI can be utilized to replace humans from performing tedious tasks, therefore, streamlining the manufacturing process. Through complex algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assess production costs and minimize them by determining relevant solutions. 

AI in Shipping:

Customers want their merchandise in time, and in this race to deliver orders as fast as possible, empty spaces in shipped and delivered goods became a growing concern. Algorithms that can identify shipping routes and inefficiencies in the transportation process will help to streamline it, saving millions of gallons of fuel, resources, and money.

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AI in Logistics:

The reduction of costs wherever possible is a crucial way to remain competitive. The use of specific AI algorithms has shown shipping companies that making only right-hand turns saves a significant amount of fuel, along with hundreds of thousands of metric tons of CO2 emissions each year.

AI to Target Manufacturing Process:

The use of AI to foretell customer orders, thus targeting the manufacturing process, can determine where greater labor should be deployed. Moreover, AI can monitor supply so that when numbers of product decrease in the inventory by a considerable margin, an automatic order for more is generated, taking out the human factor out of it.

AI Supply Chains Maintain Customers' Contentment:

Humans are incapable of conducting all the work when it comes to managing supply chains. Feeding in data to algorithms will save time and energy and is a cost-effective way to enjoy a streamlined and efficient supply chain.

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