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Artificial Intelligence is a Boon for Enterprises: Building Relationships between Consumers and Marketers

By CIOReview | Monday, January 8, 2018

AI is going to transform the digital marketing now and is already in a dynamically evolving phase. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing industries one by one, starting from the mind-blowing Siri to Tesla’s self driving cars. In 2018 too, AI is going to surprise the world and transform the way, many enterprises carried out their work.

The credit of this can be entirely given to the popularity of social media and its unmatched outreach along with tons of data left behind knowingly and unknowingly by the people. AI holds a colossal potential in the field of digital marketing, during internet surfing. By using Artificial Intelligence enterprises are expected to provide better customer experience and predictive analytics. AI will be boosting targeted marketing as well providing the enterprises with more and more Return on Investments (ROI). AI and digital marketing are interrelated and more and more sectors have already reaped significant benefits from incorporating AI into their businesses. Through the supplementary processes like the big data, Internet of Things and Machine learning; AI made its presence felt in the recent past prominently. In the coming year changes and impact due to the application of AI are expected to be more prominent and impactful. AI is expected to personalize user experience to a greater extent, making the decision making process of customers Simpler & Easier along with paving way to Predictive Marketing. It will help companies to use image recognition and get maximum ROI. Artificial intelligence and its associated technologies in this way, is expected to bring marketers and customers closer in the coming years.  It will overall help customers have a better understanding of a product and marketers to have a better understanding of consumers.

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