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Artificial Intelligence is the go-to Technology for Healthcare

By CIOReview | Friday, April 13, 2018

Although, every growth initiative require significant effort and investment, but artificial intelligence, of late, has proved to be self-drive growth engine for the healthcare industry. According to a survey, the AI-powered tool is expected to create $150 billion cost savings for the entire healthcare economy by 2026. These surveys and speculations have provided the breeding ground for AI innovations and such solutions are rapidly proliferating in the healthcare marketplace. Contrary to legacy systems, which are dominated by algorithms and is designed only to complement human efforts, AI based solutions are self-learning and therefore has the unique ability to augment human activity, thereby taking control of essential medical tasks such as medical imaging and risk analysis as well as diagnosis of ailments.

While data is slowly transforming into a currency, hot new entrants have inundated the healthcare marketplace. Alongside that, the ubiquitous presence of connected device has added significantly to the data explosion. Such circumstances have made the case stronger for AI adoption in the healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare AI presents a flurry of opportunities in the area of wellness and lifestyle management, diagnostics, wearables, and virtual assistant. Although, such developments are attractive, healthcare organization must understand the anatomy of healthcare AI application, taking into account its functionalities, its potential financial value and the changes it is bound to bring.

Artificial intelligence is an old player that has gained traction in the light of technology revolution. Presently, it has already made inroads into call center, homes, and healthcare. Organizations that embrace AI in the long run and provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions are more likely to leapfrog competitors.