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Artificial Intelligence is the Way to Socio-Economic Transformation

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: With artificial intelligence (AI) and the applications based on it occupying the market, there is a need to transform our thinking, learning, and behavioral patterns too. The AI field is new and full of potential. The AI and its contemporary technologies like machine learning (ML) and internet of things (IoT) are already contributing at multiple levels in organizations while their functionalities and applications are set to evolve exponentially with time. The impact of AI is also contributing to social transformation and its underlying challenges.

AI, combined with robotics, can enhance the agricultural revenues through better predictability over the choice of crops, water management, and weather and soil conditions. Microsoft, in collaboration with ICRISAT, developed the AI Sowing App benefiting the farmers to receive critical updates over weather and soil conditions without the need to install a sensor.

AI is also going to play a crucial role in critical issues like water crisis. AI-based smart water management systems will help in tracking and optimizing water resources. Digital health platforms utilize AI for data insights from past cases and prevent expensive treatments. AI-powered health insurance initiatives from the government will significantly benefit the citizens.

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For AI to create a significant social impact in the future, it is imperative to invest in the technology at present. Encouraging Universities to take the initiative and promote AI-based research work is the first step. Supporting businesses and NGOs involved with AI-based technology to tackle socio-economic challenges like agricultural concerns is also essential. However, the most critical task is to build an ecosystem that fosters the growth of AI and related technologies. AI must also be included in the school curriculum. Building awareness and skill from the beginning is analogous to shaping the present according to the future. This would be the most significant investment by any government as it will prepare the future human resource that can drive the AI soaked future of the country.

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