Artificial intelligence: Redefining Business Paradigms in Numerous Industries
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Artificial intelligence: Redefining Business Paradigms in Numerous Industries

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

In the world of technology, artificial intelligence is known for redefining personalization to users and automation of the processes. In modern times, the adoption of AI and the speed of its application is almost same across industries that range from healthcare to government.

Here are some of the industries where AI has made significant disruptions.


In agriculture, AI's most popular applications range from robotics to crop and predictive analytics to soil monitoring. AI is used for crop and soil monitoring using computer vision and deep learning algorithms for processing drone-captured data and software-based technology to monitor crop and soil health.

Call centers

Call centers are essential for customer service and product offerings. The intervention of AI-driven chatbots had created a revolutionary change in increasing customer's loyalty with a better shopping experience.


AI can be deployed in smart electrical grids to make energy supply more efficient and also to predict failures of batteries and other equipment. Implementation of AI will make exploration of energy more natural and more cost-effective.


Currently, artificial intelligence is used in the healthcare industry to identify high-risk patient groups, predict diseases, and also to improve treatment speed, the efficiency with automated diagnostic analysis.

IT service management (ITSM)

In the years to come, AI will have a significant impact on the IT service management industry due to the resolution of recurring losses, self-service for low-level incidents, improved optimization, and instant information such as meeting schedules through personal assistants.


The transport domain uses AI for mission-critical tasks which include autonomous self-driving passenger buses and cars. Most of the significant transportation industry challenges such as safety, reliability, capacity issues, environmental pollution, and energy radiation provide tremendous opportunities and potential for AI innovation.

A gradual and systematic transformation will always be integral to take initial steps towards a future empowered by artificial intelligence and automation with adequate support from the government. Most of the countries are at the cusp of such a transformation, and now is the time to make a move as smooth as possible.

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