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Artificial Intelligence Reshaping the Health IT Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 27, 2018

As a revolutionary technology, AI was created with a focus on emulating the human minds' working processes, to enable digital devices to solve problems independently. Without any additional programming, AI enabled devices can accept new information and learn on its own without any human intervention. Such advanced and sophisticated programs are designed with computing power that allows for any information to be processed at exponentially faster rates than of a human mind.

The rapid digitization of health data through the use of health IT has created major opportunities in the use of AI. Innovators and experts see great potential in using digital health data to improve the outcomes, irrespective of whether the patient is in his/her home or a clinic.

AI possesses the ability to dramatically change the industry by impacting the methods by which patients are cared and treated. As healthcare organizations integrate AI solutions to their IT infrastructure, they need to consider that IT solutions need to be expanded to harness the potential of AI. Although the technology is still in evolutionary stages, many organizations across the globe are interested in AI.

While AI can be applied to many aspects of healthcare, most of the applications of AI need adjustments to be made to IT infrastructures. AI is another layer of technology added to the existing infrastructure that needs to be integrated and monitored responsibly. Healthcare organizations should know the umbrella term of AI and the capability of various tools that include AI technology.

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