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Artificial Intelligence Sophisticates Businesses, Learn how

By CIOReview | Monday, June 3, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) in business is becoming a commonly-used competitive tool. From better chatbots, customer service, and data analytics to making predictive recommendations, AI in many forms is seen by business leaders as an essential tool. That puts AI in the shortlist of technologies that a company should not just be watching but actively exploring to take advantage of it.

Chatbots are an excellent application of AI that can sense customer data from their initial touchpoint with the brand and deliver insights to assist customers effectively. When an organization has enough data at their disposal, that dramatically reduces the time invested in collecting and analyzing data and thereby accelerating the business growth, chatbots can analyze browsing history, buying behavior to gather customer data. If an organization wish to streamline its business for a better future, it should improve customer interactions based on data and integrate customer support across all popular communication platforms.

AI is making strides in data protection as detecting vulnerabilities effectively in business applications such as ERP or financial systems. Global organizations are adding AI defenses to their portfolio and efficiently protecting their cloud data centers.

AI expertise can also be used, in human resource management, where it can significantly reduce the work involved in reducing potential candidates to the company. It is helpful in the hiring process, managing leaves, employee training, and more. An overall increase in employee experience is witnessed in critical dimensions of HR with cognitive computing power. Except for HR AI can create a considerable effect in business management activities, be it smart personal assistants or scheduling business trips or decisionmaking.

The nightmare scenarios in marketing efforts can be cured with the help of AI. AI-powered marketing and sales use AI techniques to improve the understanding of customer behavior that fuels revenue. With more enterprises starting to unleash the power of AI, more thoughtful and innovative benefits find their way in.

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