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Artificial Intelligence: The Future is now

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 20, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a thing of the future anymore as it is already here and used by businesses of all sizes to generate better growth and productivity. Google has introduced ‘Cloud AutoML’ that helps businesses to start building their own custom models using sophisticated techniques.

Advances in AI is also giving rise to a race between hackers and those protecting enterprise networks. Machine learning techniques scan a large amount of data to detect patterns of abnormal behavior which are invisible to humans. The challenge is growing as the number of connected devices in the world continues to increase. Strengthening defense mechanisms will also force hackers to adopt innovative techniques like AI. Technology is key to prevent harmful attacks; and cybersecurity companies are leveraging machine learning to make strong cybersecurity systems. These systems detect invisible threats and reduce threat response time and the overall time required to fix the violation.

Chatbots and intelligent systems are always connected to markets and are implemented when a customer’s flight is delayed, keeping them updated with the new schedules, issuing reminders with alerts, and personalized assistance. It responds to customer queries and creates a positive impact on the brand value. According to a news report by Narrative Science 2018, 61 percent of businesses have implemented AI in 2017 from 38 percent in 2016. It is used in machine learning, predictive analytics, voice recognition and response. These tools have a great impact on business intelligence, finance, and communications.