Artificial Intelligence: The Window to Smarter Home Devices and Applications
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Artificial Intelligence: The Window to Smarter Home Devices and Applications

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 20, 2019

The industrial and large scale applications of AI have created quite a lot of buzz. Now is the time for AI to transform smart home solutions for the better.

FREMONT, CA: Everybody is opting for the comfort and convenience of smart homes these days. Services and products that offer smart home solutions have seen increasing popularity. Artificial Intelligence is a crucial constituent of smart home devices and technologies. It adds a lot of features to the machines, which enables smart homes to become personalized and customizable. Personalization gives a better use of cases and enhanced customer experiences.

Intelligent devices can either be standalone ones or a collective system with centralized controls. Integration among all the home devices is essential. Coming from separate vendors, these technologies sometimes end up being incompatible, which leads to disruptions. Artificial Intelligence driven devices generally perform well in this respect as most of these devices are cloud controlled, allowing better levels of compatibility.

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AI-powered devices are capable of detecting patterns, and with the help of machine learning, learn the behavioral traits. This optimizes smart devices and helps them to function better. Devices can pick up simples tasks that happen in sequence and design automated processes. For example, with AI, a device can detect the movement of sensors and carry out tasks like opening doors and switching on the lights in a proper sequence. Not just that, AI can also modify itself according to the changes it observes. Personalized automation takes smart homes to the next level.

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AI-based analytics tools are integral in improving the standards of services. The analytics bring to fore ways to optimize energy consumption and resource management leading to substantial cost savings. Automated security also gets bolstered to a great extent when analytics is applied to it.

The longevity of smart devices is dependent upon a large number of factors and maintenance is a matter of concern. With AI, the maintenance can become significantly easier as machines are able to respond better to situations and are equipped with predictive maintenance. The diagnostic tools incorporated into the smart homes keep monitoring data and address any upcoming risks proactively, thereby effectively preventing disruptions and inconvenience for the users. Automated maintenance measures can lead to faster recovery of affected systems.

Applying artificial intelligence to smart home solutions can significantly improve systems and lifestyle. The push towards adopting AI into homes would come gradually with increase in use cases and a decrease in costs.

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