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Artificial Intelligence-an Interconnected Web of Networks

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 24, 2018

In 1955, John McCarthy coined the words Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is the methodized alignment of software implemented technologies prearranged to be identical to the actions that are carried out by the Human-brain. AI collects huge volumes of data from the storage locations that are followed by repetitive fast processing thereby allowing collaborative software to imbibe the data from patterns or figures and complete the assigned task. AI assembles collaborative networks and collaborative software that align together to deliver seamless performance on time.

Collaboration software is programmed to run interference for and take the helm for group work. It may be passed down by enterprises to interact, correlate, fragment, cooperate, explain disagreements, negotiate, or even compete, and the like are crafted skilfully for AI to function and connect every technological nodule to deliver results and carry out tasks in the blink of an eye. Slack, IBM Notes, SharePoint, Egroupware, Zimbra, Confluence, SamePage, TeamWox, Zarafa, Group-Office and Microsoft Teams are some collaboration Software that are used to design the mechanism of AI.

Collaborative networks and collaboration software go hand in hand. Collaborative networks are usually comprised of a miscellany of organizations that may be self-governing, topographically placed on separate landmarks and heterogeneous using collaborative software to frame the mechanism of AI. Big players in the market like Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle have introduced different types of AI into their enterprise collaboration platforms and aim to further refine them in the near future for faster and accurate results.

Reliability on AI has increased of late. AI tools are now used before, during, and after team collaboration sessions and meetings to aggravate the entire process, it saves a lot of time, and increases productivity at the same time. The AI tools could classify and present additional valid information and resources such as web links, videos, and documents that would be useful for the meeting, depending on the subject and keywords used. Merging AI technologies with business communication applications such as team collaboration and unified communications has a scope to improve worker productivity in less time and gradually improve the overall business flow.

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