Artista VHD Printing Module GEN 2 for On-Demand and Precise Card Printing

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Entrust Datacard has announced the release of second generation Datacard Artista VHD Retransfer Color Printing module that is designed to work along with Datacard MX Series card issuance systems. The GEN 2 printer module offers on-demand, 600 dpi full-color, and edge-to-edge card printing for card and credential programs in the financial, government, retail, loyalty, and healthcare sectors.

Pre-printing of cards takes weeks; it is now eliminated using the on-demand color card printing technique. Blank white card stock is used to rapidly produce an entire set of distinct cards, which significantly saves cost and time in addition to providing design flexibility.

“Our First Generation Artista VHD module has proven to be a very successful feature to our central card issuance systems as our customers enjoy having the high quality output that it provides,” explains Dan Good, Vice President, Central Issuance and Services Product Management, Entrust Datacard.

The GEN 2 module, built on the traces of first generation Artista VHD module presents enhanced capabilities like a variety of new cleaning abilities such as beginning and end card cleaners, an integrated cleaning ribbon and a baffle to protect the printing structure from dust particles. Precision printing with detailed designs, fine-line characters and high-quality color eliminates the need to maintain a set of pre-printed cards. Enhanced air flow system with HEPA filtration keeps dust away from the printing head resulting in high-quality printing.

Talking about the release Good explains, “We are very dedicated to product excellence, which is why we have enhanced the Artista VHD module and are offering even more features, flexibility and functionality that will give our customers the best output for high quality printing of cards and credentials.”

FIS Global, a customer of Entrust Datacard has already beta tested the Artista VHD GEN 2 and has certified on the seamless integration of GEN 2 with current operators and existing card designs.