Asavie Releases Latest Version of Asavie Moda with Enhanced Security Features and Higher Visibility of Usage Trends

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Asavie, a leading provider of enterprise mobility management and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions has rolled out the upgraded version of its Asavie Moda solution.

Amárach Research’s survey conducted last year (commissioned by Asavie) covered 500 businesses in the UK and USA which revealed that organizations without employee mobile data usage in place frequently experience “bill shock”. Approximately one out of five organizations surveyed reported receipt of higher than expected mobile device costs, about one-third of such overages accounting to non-work related usage.

Asavie Moda offers enhanced productivity with better security and effective cost management of mobile assets. The upgraded version of the solution extends the security umbrella for mobile devices, feeding real-time insight which better allows companies to set optimum employee mobile data usage policies. The latest version incorporates features like: comparing categories of web sites the staff visits during core business hours compared to non-working hours, identifying the top 10 sites visited by the staff from their allocated devices and ranking the data usage across 26 different website categories.

In the event of a mobile device being lost, the updated security features of the solution allow businesses to locate device with the Locate function and remotely block the use of the device using the Lock capability. Even if an organization fails to recover a lost device all the confidential information within the device can be erased with the Wipe function.

In an interview with BusinessWire, Ralph Shaw, CEO, Asavie remarked, “Despite the many benefits of a mobile workforce, employers are concerned about the costs of employees using mobile devices, and require a way to monitor and secure mobile data. Asavie Moda’s user-friendly portal puts businesses in control, allowing them to secure their mobile devices, align their use with corporate policy and business goals, while improving the management of mobile data charges.”