Ascending Demand for Green Data Center Deployment

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DALLAS, TX: MarketsandMarkets has broadly segmented Green data center market by different solutions like server, networking, power cooling; services like monitoring, SI and users like cloud, collocation and enterprises, as reported by CIOL Bureau.

It has become difficult for the data center managers to cope up with the demand to tackle with increasing power consumptions for reducing the operational costs of the company. To meet the demands, it has become imperative to deliver low power consumptions to save the environment. Green data center has the capability of a typical data center that uses less energy and space following the environment laws of the government. It is an enterprise class computing that is entirely built, managed and operated on green computing principles.

Green data center can be applied in different verticals like banking, insurance, financial services, telecommunication, IT, health, government, education, retail, transportation and research. Among the different perpendiculars, banking, financial services and insurance have accounted for the largest share of total green data center this year and it is expected that the demand for this market will increase at the compound annual growth rate of 27.2 percent by 2019.