ASI DATAMYTE and NEXTSENSE Join Hands to Boost the Automotive Industry through CALIPRI

By CIOReview | Monday, December 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: ASI DATAMYTE, the global quality management solutions provider, announces a partnership with NEXTSENSE GmbH, producer of laser-based profile measurement solutions for manufacturers. With this partnership ASI DATAMYTE will offer CALIPRI product line to the automotive industry, to address the growing need for a more comprehensive profile measurement solution. CALIPRI is one of the fastest-growing, scalable, non-contact measurement solutions. This can ensure accuracy, inspection thoroughness and operator repeatability in the automotive industry.

ASI DATAMYTE offers integrated services for driving best-in-class quality in manufacturing. The firm also offers scalable and flexible quality management software as well as hardware solutions. The combination of CALIPRI and ASI DATAMYTE, technology and client base can create supreme value for automotive firms seeking to produce better quality products.

NEXTSENSE GmbH offers CALIPRI and SURFILES which is a non-contact measurement technology that captures unbiased measurement data removing all outside variables based on differences between operators or environmental conditions. NEXTSENSE devices are used for gap and flush measurement of automotive bodies, wear measurement of railway wheel sets and analyzing the surfaces of rolled steel.

“We are looking forward to watching our partnership redefine quality measurement and data collection across the globe,” concludes Clemens Gasser, Chief Executive Officer, NEXTSENSE GmbH.