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Aspect Software Introduces New Solutions for Workforce Optimization

By CIOReview | Monday, April 18, 2016

PHOENIX, AZ: Aspect Software, a provider of customer engagement solutions, brings a replacement program to enable companies to upgrade their outdated NICE and Verint Workforce optimization (WFO) solutions. The program will enable companies to access Aspect EQ Recording Basic or Aspect EQ Quality Management Advanced free of cost while replacing their existing NICE or Verint solutions. Aspect is providing the alternative for companies to easily address their technology needs.

Aspect’s new solutions offer advanced quality management, reporting, and recording applications in order to record the interactions between customer and agents. Aspect EQ Quality Management provides a comprehensive view of agent quality for evaluation of customer interaction. It can monitor agents’ audio interactions in real time and integrate performance management tools for streamlined workflows. Aspect EQ Recording solution keeps the call, screen recordings safe allowing clients to measure the quality of agents, and create valuable training material for effective coaching modules.

Aspect EQ Recording or Quality Management also offers number of features including integration with Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCCE), robust search and playback tools, new icon and widget based user interface. Additionally, it supports secure transmission of audio and screen data over network making it PCI compliant and software based recording eliminates the need of servers.

“Quality management and interaction recording technology have seen significant advances in functionality over the past five to ten years, materially raising the compliance bar. A contact center workforce running on outdated technology cannot keep up with today’s increasing demand for exceptional, personalized customer experiences, and as a result is put at a critical disadvantage,” says Mike Bourke, SVP and GM, Workforce Optimization, Aspect Software.

Aspect’s wide range of offerings for customer engagement, interaction management, and WFO solutions will help multiple Contact Centers to deliver unique customer experiences. It is offering a suite of on-premise, cloud, hosted, and hybrid deployment options.

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