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Aspect Software Leads the Competition to Replace NICE, Verint Workforce Optimization Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

PHOENIX, AZ: For companies clambering to get the most out of their customer service workforce, there is a competition to replace older and end-of-life workforce optimization components that fail to take into account the technology needs of today’s consumer interaction initiatives. Change is inevitable and to hasten this transition, Aspect, a leading provider of fully-integrated consumer engagement, workforce optimization, and self-service solutions, has announced an alternative program aimed at helping companies upgrade their legacy NICE and Verint recorders. Companies that are dunned and frustrated with outdated technology, exorbitant maintenance expenses, and expensive upgrade costs have a compelling and highly efficient alternative in the form of Aspect.

“Quality management and interaction recording technology have seen significant advances in functionality over the past decade or so, raising the compliance bar in the process. A contact center workforce running on an archaic technology cannot keep up with today’s ever increasing demand for exceptional, personalized customer experiences, and as a result is put at a critical disadvantage,” says Mike Bourke, SVP and General Manager, Workforce Optimization, Aspect Software. “Aspect’s sleek, intuitive user Interface for recording, quality management and speech analytics is designed to address the data consumption and work habits of the millennial workforce, so they are more productive and engaged, making quality goals easier to achieve.”

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Archaic, functionally-outdated solutions that are nearing their end or have already past end-of-life, such as those from NICE and Verint, easily incorporate up-to-date and modern WFO tools such as speech analytics or advanced quality management and are often cost-prohibitive to upgrade. In order to capture and capitalize on the interactions between agent and customer, both the agent workforce and supervisors need superior quality management, recording, and reporting applications.

Some of the advantages of Aspect EQ Recording/Quality Management include: Full-Time Call and Screen Recording; New Icon and Widget-Based User Interface; Reduced Hardware Requirement; Expanded Cisco Support; Robust Search and Playback; PCI Compliance and Aspect’s world Class Customer support.