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Asset International Acquires Market Metrics and Matrix Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Mark Gorman, CEO, Matrix Solutions

Mark Gorman, CEO, Matrix Solutions

NEW YORK, NY: Asset International, a firm that provides investment management companies with critical and proprietary data, business intelligence, information services and marketing solutions has recently announced the acquisition of Market Metrics and Matrix Solutions. Market Metrics works with senior managers of financial service firms in the world encompassing a wide range of asset management and insurance products. Matrix Solutions on the other hand provides web-based, media-specific platform to help sales teams in all media— broadcast, radio, and digital advertising businesses manage their accounts and sales processes. As both Market Metrics and Matrix Solutions have experience in providing strategic consulting and mission-critical data sets for mutual funds, variable annuities, mortgages and life insurance, it seems to be a profitable add-on for Asset International.  

Tony Salewski, Managing Director of Genstar stated that they want the combination of both the acquired companies to provide benefits to the existing clients of Asset International apart from accelerating product innovation and overall client engagement in a bid to create a dedicated enterprise as part of the changing global investment sector. Asset International is backed by Genstar Capital, a private equity firm that helps in transforming its portfolio companies into industry-leading businesses.

The acquisition helps Asset International expand their deep proprietary asset management and insurance industry data sets apart from providing them with the unique delivery model, called Financial Clarity Analytics platform.

Joel Mandelbaum, CEO, Asset International asserts, “This acquisition is a fantastic opportunity to realize our ambition of creating the go-to supplier for the asset management community. The combination of Asset International with Market Metrics and Matrix Solutions represents an excellent fit for our clients and employees, and we are delighted to be joining forces.”