AssetOptics Version 2.8 Features Part Bin Location Search Option

By CIOReview | Friday, September 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: AssetOptics, a distributor of inventory management, procurement and work management solution provider has announced the release of AssetOptics Facilities, Equipment and Fleet Maintenance for Salesforce version 2.8 (v2.8), a native enterprise asset management (EAM) solution.

AssetOptics v2.8 is available on the Salesforce AppExchange platform, an online application marketplace for third party application. It delivers reliable asset maintenance, increasingproductivity, improved net return on assets and reduced operating expenses and risk. It offers complete picture of all maintenance asset including nameplate data, warranty information, asset classification and asset bills of materials at one glance.

AssetOptics v2.8 provides the ability to track assets, manage preventive and corrective maintenance work orders, plan and schedule technicians, manage and procure repair parts inventory. As it is hosted in data centers around the world, company of any magnitude can utilize the solution as well as no hardware or software components are required to deploy the solution.

The new version comes with added tools, such as Part Bin Location searches- a new text field that enables the user to search for parts not only in primary bin locations but also in all secondary bin locations, through optimized field selection and search criteria. It also includes over 75 standard reports ranging from inventory management to work order resource planning to asset history tracking.

AssetOptics v2.8 also features serialized inventory management and control to track, manage and have insight of serialized parts undergoing installation, maintenance, repair and reassignment. It will be useful for companies that specialize in selling or leasing or refurbished high-value parts.

“Many of the improvements in AssetOptics version 2.8 are big “under the covers,” but make such minimal changes to the interface that the average user won’t notice them,” says Mike Edwards, Principal, AssetOptics.