Astea Unveils Astea Alliance 12.0 to Enable Transformation in Service Delivery Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Monday, April 27, 2015

HORSHAM, PA: Astea International, provider of service lifecycle management and mobility solutions, introduces the release of Astea Alliance 12.0 that delivers both technical and functional advancements enabling the transformation in a company’s service delivery ecosystem.

Astea Alliance 12.0 is featured with several noteworthy benefits including:

  • Visualization & Collaboration Tools: Astea’s cutting-edge HTML5 mobile solution has been leveraged by global organizations to increase engineer productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. The mobile solution is flexible so the organizations can easily adapt for different profiles or businesses. It is featured with optimized user navigation; the ability for a mobile user to work from multiple devices with complete synchronizations between devices; visualization tools to easily support self-dispatch; live chat connecting the field engineer with the back office; centralized parts order status view; and full bi-directional Microsoft Outlook synchronization.
  • Your Service Platform, Your Way: Astea Alliance 12.0,  has added  capabilities to give non-technical users even more “do it yourself” tools, while Astea’s framework actively governs these customizations making it easy to see what is custom and what is standard. Organizations can build new modules, as well as import and export customizations to different environments, when needed. All customizations work with the latest Astea Alliance product updates.
  • Drive Proactive Support and Continuous Process Improvement: With Astea Alliance 12.0, there are more decision making visualization tools accessible from any device, to easily and quickly leverage insightful information for optimal process improvements, productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Easily Manage and Support a Company’s Entire Service Ecosystem: A new customer satisfaction tracking capability is added to make it easy to collect as well review customer feedback at any time. Additionally, Astea continues to add enhancements to its scheduling optimization solution, leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies, to ensure optimal operational performance.