Asterisk Deploys MOH Solution from Easy on Hold; Enhances Call Holding Productivity

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

PORTGAGE, MI: Easy on Hold, the provider of custom messages deployed on phone systems while the users are waiting on hold, has been now made available on Asterisk open source telephony engine. These messages can be informative, educative or influential and are solely directed towards making the caller experience more interesting. This system has the potential to solve various issues for IT in course of call waiting. With the aid of higher internet bandwidth and standardization of protocols, live streaming audio and video has been made possible making it a much preferred method for distribution of copyrighted material, since it cannot be copied or “pirated”, as in other modes.

Using this live audio stream, changes can be observed instantly as managers have control over content across a wide network of listening stations using a single access point; and programmers have access to multiple tools for monitoring and measuring performance as the stream comes directly from the server.

Tim Brown, Vice President of Easy on Hold, insists on the fact that that they have created a system which weighs the importance of messages.

“We devised a unique programming technique that encodes playback instructions into each of a series of custom-scripted topical announcements,” Brown adds. “Then we set a sequence of rules to manage message repetition and customer preferences. A weighting system controls message frequency, so the most important announcements play more often.”

The admins get the power to manipulate and monitor the pattern for which message get higher air time, also customizing messages relevant to specific times of the day. These patterns also aid in retaining the important messages in the minds of callers bringing more business from customers even during idle call holds.