Asure Software Buys Mangrove; Eyes Transformation in the HCM Market

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 23, 2016

AUSTIN, TX: Asure Software has acquired Tampa based Human Capital Management (HCM) applications vendor, Mangrove Software. The acquisition equips Asure to leverage the booming HCM market, with solutions that encompasses unique features and actionable data leaders, for an evolving workforce. Mangrove’s HCM solution with enhanced HR and payroll capabilities allow clients to streamline and efficiently manage their company’s processes from integrated recruiting and applicant tracking all the way through retirement within a cloud-based solution.

"The Mangrove acquisition marks the culmination of a five-year technology strategy to bring a unified, people-centric platform to the HCM market. We believe business success today and in the future will be centered on HCM effectiveness and efficiency of where, when, and how people get work done,” says Pat Goepel, Chief Executive Officer, Asure.

With the takeover of Mangrove, Asure is all set to transform the HCM marketplace by providing a new solution that combines both workforce as well as workspace management. The new solution is intended for organizations to improve their bottom-line performance through employee empowerment and engagement. Moreover, the solution will be based on Asure’s innovative People Success Platform, a suite of workforce and workspace solutions for the employer and the employee.

The People Success Platform will enable organizations to enhance productivity of employees by offering measurable insights on worker performance. In addition, the system will provide HCM solutions for payroll and tax, benefits, administration, human resources, talent management, ACA healthcare reform, and agile flexible workspace software.

“The new platform expands the ability for businesses to manage more interconnected tasks than traditional HCM solutions, creating greater business continuity and increasing employee attraction, engagement, and retention. These combined solutions will give organizational leaders a powerful new lens and the data necessary to see and effectively understand their business. The trend and desire for managers to optimize the complete lifecycle of their workforce made this the right time to come together with Asure Software,” added Rich Cangemi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Mangrove.