Atlantis USX 3.1 Sports Stretched Cluster Feature, Reduces Storage Footprint

By CIOReview | Monday, October 26, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Atlantis Computing, a provider of flexible and powerful software-defined data storage platform has announced the release of version 3.1 of its hyper-converged data storage solution ‘Atlantis USX’ platform powered by Stretched Cluster feature.

Atlantis Computing targets to bolster storage capacity and all-flash array performance by offering storage consolidation, desktop virtualization, server based computing and VMware Horizon 6 and VSAN. Atlantis USX fulfills performance requirements of any application, eliminating the need of buying new storage hardware. It enables enterprises to pool and abstract all storage including SAN, NAS and public cloud and reduces operation cost and storage footprint making datacenters more agile.

Atlantis USX accommodates integrated HyperDup Content-Aware Data Services that utilizes Atlantis real-time deduplication technology and delivers data reduction, IO acceleration, provisioning, data mobility, security and business continuity for any storage. Additionally it provides policy-based management of virtual storage volumes and automation of all storage functions through REST APIs for resiliency and self-provisioning of applications.

Now Atlantis USX 3.1 supports configuration of a Stretched Cluster feature which automatically manages network failures between data centers, facilitating businesses with capacity to handle the failure of an entire data center and overall site protection. Stretched Cluster feature enables organizations volumes, data and VMs between sites up to 100 miles apart with up to 8ms of round trip latency.

Atlantis USX 3.1 also supports multiple stretched clusters to deploy a synchronized cluster ‘stretched’ across different sites. It makes synchronous mirroring deduplication-aware and save costs as well as speed up recovery as Atlantis re-syncs only the incremental unique data blocks between locations.

The Atlantis USX 3.1 also sports other features such as VMware Virtual Volume (VVOL) integration, Remote Replication and Atlantis Desktop Workspace, the next-generation desktop virtualization solution for VMware Horizon Workspace Suite.