Atlas Partners with InSilico Medicine to Work on Cell Regeneration

By CIOReview | Monday, October 12, 2015

WINSTON SALEM, NC: As an organism ages, its productivity diminishes making it weak and vulnerable. Scientists have been trying out new methods to restructure these aged cells or prevent aging from a very long time. It is into this scenario that the new partnership of Atlas Regeneration and InSilico Medicine enters, which utilizes the Geroscope platform to rate the anti-aging therapies and determine the widely used new drugs that promises longevity.

Aging is a complex multifactorial process often considered beyond control; and that brings stress into the human life.  Atlas Regeneration believes otherwise and is working on discovering methods to retain people with same productivity even as the age increases. But simple drug combinations do not realize the goal; instead it requires treatments tailored to each individual disposition.

Additionally, the company understands the scope of Stem Cell technology and focuses on possible regeneration-inducing drugs to slow down the aging process by stimulating natural tissue regenerating potential. These drugs having anti-inflammation, regeneration and geroprotective influence are slowly getting their due attention, even though they have been known since decades. Many more drugs that can potentially solve the aging problems are still left unnoticed.

There are also challenges in the field. For instance, iPSC technology, one of the technologies used for treating aging, , is not completely safe and has differentiation limitations. For the same reason the company’s bio informatics platform undergoes the following checks: analyzes available omics profiles of ‘cells-in-progress’ and its counterparts in healthy tissues; computer simulations to see which treatment on old cell brings it back to normal/healthy tissue; validating the results on human cells or model organisms.