Atrius Health Expands Use of ArborMetrix Episode Analytics
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Atrius Health Expands Use of ArborMetrix Episode Analytics

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ANN ARBOR, MI: ArborMetrix, a provider of real-time healthcare analytics has announced that Atrius Health, a multi-specialty physician group practice for improvement of patients care across eastern and central Massachusetts, has expanded the use of analytics in EpisodeMetrix. The solution provides critical insight into payer claims data to help reduce variation in acute care costs from six to a total of 28 surgical specialty procedures.

Atrius Health will use the analytics within EpisodeMetrix to more rigorously explore medical care expenses and care variation around this focused set of high-volume acute episodes of specialty care. Atrius Health will leverage its all-payer claims database to examine the variations

"We are excited to leverage the acute care episode analytics in EpisodeMetrix to more rigorously and fairly explore medical expenses and care variation for these additional procedures. Following our pilot program for cardiology and orthopedic surgical specialties, we recognized the potential for ArborMetrix's episode analytics to be an important complement to the population-based, total medical expense analytics already in use across Atrius Health," said Joe Kimura, MD, MPH, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Atrius Health.

ArborMetrix's software is now used by Atrius Health to analyze cost and variations in practice patterns for more than two dozen acute care surgical specialty episodes. It provides information Atrius Health needs to more fairly study and explore major drivers of clinical and medical expense variation and helps physicians define opportunities for improvement. Information on these drivers is provided based on surgical specialty, both by hospital and by surgeon; and physician and hospital outliers.

"Atrius Health continues to be a thought leader in accountable care. Our early insight suggests that other ACOs will have the same if not even greater opportunities to reduce clinical variation within their own ecosystems," said Brett Furst, CEO, ArborMetrix's.

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