AT&T and Deloitte Join Forces to Build Smart Cities

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: AT&T announces a strategic alliance with Deloitte to accelerate the adoption of smart city technology across the U.S.. Along with several other hand-picked alliance members, these two companies integrate their technologies and capabilities to help support the Smart Cities Framework, building more connected communities.

Collaborating with Deloitte, AT&T will build Smart Cities Framework to help cities better serve their citizens by using IoT innovations to create impactful solutions for cities and forming alliances with technology leaders and industry organizations. It is also developing a Smart City Network Operation Center to serve high-level communities with a dashboard view of how assets are performing in near-real time. It helps communities with the solutions that connect utility meters, street lights, and water systems to identify the conditions like power outages, water leaks, traffic issues, and more all from one location.

For building smart cities framework, Deloitte offers AT&T the strategy, design, development, implementation and program management services that help shape a team required to build smarter cities. Its experience in the IoT helps to build smart cities where new possibilities such as alerting commuters on the mobile phone, reducing energy use in public buildings with sensing technologies, and networking homebound elderly to medical professionals will be a reality.

Using sensors and analytics, the smart cities framework will be designed to allow cities to remotely monitor the conditions of roads, bridges, buildings, parks and other venues for maintenance and safety. It will include mobile apps for citizens to prepare for traffic conditions by enabling remote view of parking meters, traffic lights and reserve spaces; digital signage for public transportation that lets commuters know in near real-time when the next bus or train will arrive; and data for public safety that helps cities better manage traffic patterns of pedestrians at stadiums, parks and busy intersections, as well as including gunfire detection technology that helps law enforcement know where a shooting occur, the number of people involved and rounds fired.

"Substantial attention has been paid internationally to how new technological innovations can be used to solve the problem of modern cities. The combination of AT&T's mobility and cloud networking solutions seamlessly enable almost every aspect of the smart city vision. The company is helping to lead the future vision and pull together the most experienced and innovative companies to bring smart city benefits to fruition. We are honored to be part of this elite group," said John Levis, principal, technology, media and telecommunications practice, Deloitte Consulting LLP.