AT&T Continues its SDN Effort with On-demand Service

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 12, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Software-Defined Networking (SDN), with the benefits it promises to bring, has topped the priority list of enterprises for some time now and AT&T is no alien to it.

The telecommunications company is well on track with its 2014 plan of virtualizing and controlling more than 75percent of its network using software architecture by 2020. In order to achieve this, the carrier will use its User-Defined Network Cloud – based on SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies.

The User-Defined Network Cloud is primarily focused on making the network customer-centric and cost-effective while increasing its efficiency. These trends mirror the movement of network away from hardware and point to a greater adoption of SDN; reason being, the ability to provide customers access to faster, more flexible products and services.

Moving further in its cloud effort, AT&T launched its on-demand service, Network on Demand, which allows customers to adjust their network capabilities by adding, ordering or changing services on demand and in real time, over the cloud. This is supported by the company’s supplier program, Domain 2.0, which can change the network to an open and cloud-based architecture.

The on-demand service also facilitates the carrier to collaborate with vendors offering equipment to build this new architecture. The other key benefit of the virtualization process is that change of hardware will no more be a necessity in case of upgrades to customer services. The telecommunication company has plans to roll-out similar services in the coming years.