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Audionamix Enhances AI Audio Separational Algorithms with Enterprise Licensing Solution

By CIOReview | Saturday, December 12, 2020

Audionamix has taken the award-winning AI audio separation algorithms to the next stage of advancement in the professional space with Enterprise Licensing.

FREMONT, CA: Audionamix has taken its award-winning AI audio separational algorithms to the next stage of advancement in the professional space with Enterprise Licensing, a new customizable solution constructed by considering the clients' requirements.

The streaming re-releases, international dubs, live film concerts, and immersive up mixes change the classic content into new revenue. Valuable catalog assets are typically locked in their original state, so these revenue-generating projects are not possible without the availability of separate stems or a full session. The company's separation technology eliminates such audio challenges by dividing dialogue and music elements from a master file, unlocking these assets for revenue-generating repurposing.

The Enterprise Licensing solution offers studios, distributors, publishers, and record labels the liberty and flexibility to avail these solutions on their schedules and from their facilities. The Enterprise Licensing provides on-demand separation processing and assimilates best-in-the-business technology via. three secure options. The choices consist of a local on-site server, connection to online asset management systems, or a web-based interface.

The clients even receive limitless access to Audionamix Professional Services' exclusive algorithms, including Dialogue Isolation or Removal, Music Removal, and the newest service, Music Stemming. With the latest Music Stemming service, record labels, distributors, and publishers can divide a mastered track into four separate stems, which are vocals, drums, bass, and remaining music.

"For over ten years our Professional Services team has used our most advanced separation technology to help create millions of dollars in untapped revenue for studios, record labels, and content creators," says Stephen Oliver, Senior Engineer of Audionamix Professional Services. "Now we are thrilled to put this technology directly into the hands of our valued clients for them to use securely from their own studios."

A crucial component of the Enterprise Licensing solution is the customizable security that it provides. To evade security breaches, where personal employee data, emails, scripts, and even contracts, can be leaked, it is increasingly apparent that securing assets has become more critical. The Enterprise Licensing solution adjusts to the client's security protocols to make it an appropriate solution internally or externally.