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Augmented Reality can improve the Real Estate Sector

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The rapid evolution of Augmented Reality has made it inevitable for enterprises across the globe to augment the cutting edge technology with its offerings. The real estate sphere has been continually striving towards enhancement of marketing materials to entice customers. From a marketing standpoint, adoption of Augmented Reality helps real estate enterprises yield a string of benefits as compared to the traditional animations. A recent survey by a popular online source revealed that 95 percent of real estate enthusiasts seek properties through internet platforms. This shift in property purchase behavior across the globe has probably prompted real estate bosses to explore game-changing technologies such as augmented reality to better address the needs of clients.

AR-powered, interactive visual presentations are far more effective in making a lasting impact on the minds of buyers and enhances customer engagement significantly. Several AR-powered real estate mobile applications have surfaced online recently, which have effectively aided property buyers to arrive at better decisions. Additionally, sellers can employ augmented reality applications to empower their sales pitches and fetch fair deals.

A popular application among real estate enthusiasts is ARHouse, which helps in the visualization of 3D models and blueprints of their properties. Augmented Reality is a powerful tool in helping potential buyers comprehend the way an unfinished property would look after construction, a gap which previously couldn't be bridged by 3D models and legacy animation approaches. An AR 'home experience' also alleviates the need to construct models and eliminate choices that seem inappropriate.

Thus, industry veterans opine that the augmented reality-real estate relationship is going to last longer and the technology will significantly empower the real estate landscape.