Augmented Reality: How is AR the Game Changer for the Industrial Landscape
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Augmented Reality: How is AR the Game Changer for the Industrial Landscape

By CIOReview | Friday, March 29, 2019

The development of applications leveraging Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality has the potential to create compelling and advanced industrial solutions. These emerging technologies are picking up the pace and are getting wider adoption in business solutions. Organizations are in favor of adopting a mix of AR and VR which helps them in bridging the physical and digital worlds.

A crucial development that manufacturers should keep in mind is that the developing AR apps are getting more straightforward and the trend will continue to rise. This trend will be beneficial as it will reduce implementation costs as developers will gain experience in 3D development, computer vision, and immersive UX practices.

1. Assembly Instructions

Technical products consist of thousands of components, and therefore factory workers have to keep track of dozens of spreadsheets that moves back and forth between a series of documents and field operation. AR apps can simplify this process by setting up a unified field for visible input, where assembly instructions are presented, using voice controls without hands.

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2. Lowering Operational Costs

AR apps provide immersive, real-time and on-the-job training that is irreplaceable for decreasing training costs in manufacturing firms. These improvements add up to the reduced operational costs, primarily when they are gauged against staff training costs thereby lessening assembly errors and optimizing equipment repairs.

3. Assuring Product Quality

AR apps can bring down prevention costs, appraisal costs, and as well as internal and failure costs because AR adds another layer of checks that humans are usually incapable of. Cost of Quality (COQ) refers to keeping an eye on hundreds of minute details that are garnrered over time and result in more expensive products. If one expands COQ in an organization, companies could then communicate an essential quality assurance message to all its customers. AR apps are not only paying attention to quality assurance, but they are also providing insight into a recently invisible field of improvements that can be profitable in the manufacturing sector.

AR is still in its infancy stage, as its popularity will increase so will the interest of SMEs, and individual entrepreneurs will rise. Soon, one will witness the multiple micro improvements of the efficiency in the manufacturing process which will be convenient, simple, and cost-effective to be adopted by research teams for big organizations.

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