Augmented Reality Reshaping B2B Sales Process
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Augmented Reality Reshaping B2B Sales Process

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The expectation of a customer versus the reality of what they receive as a product is one of the major challenges in the sales world. Very often, customers have a different belief about what the product should be and what they actually receive stands miles away from that belief. There is a high chance of the product being of the wrong size, color, shape, or not functioning in the way the customer expected. This unfortunate process leads to disappointment, inaccuracy, and painful revisions. Moreover, it remains one of the reasons for firm’s reputation loss. Another case is that, though buyers often prefer endlessly customizable products and options, salespeople balk at this idea in a belief that customization might interfere with various metrics of the product. Moreover, it is not easy for manufacturers to keep up with uniquely tailored goods for each customer.

This is where the role of augmented reality and 3D visualization comes in the sales arena. Harnessing the potential of AR technology is proving to be ideal for rapidly achieving customer confidence in the purchasing process. AR creates a visual universe to look at products in a more compelling way. Enterprise AR can use a tangible Index or fiducial target to establish a monument. When pointed at the target, camera-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, and head-up displays depict the product in a visual format. These applications offer a whole new world of immersive experience for the customers as they can have a virtual view of the actual product, which means greater satisfaction, personalization, and loyalty.

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