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Augmented Reality: Revolutionizing Market Development

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Digital designing and graphics development have reached a place where people can view anything in the highest resolution through programming and an Augmented Reality (AR) glass at their service. As the name suggests, AR is programmed and presented to the users via an audio-visual interface to see, hear and even feel and interact just as they do in real life. Marketing verticals present an AR induced interface for selection, shortlisting and getting immediate information about and against the product or service the customer wishes to buy or experience.

AR companies diagnose real human interactions while stimulating the interface in order to offer almost a realistic experience. Its practical uses had started earlier in video games and movie theaters, using VR headsets and also recently in medical sciences.

The business world has adopted the technology and is using it for an actual market boom. Commercial access and development have caught the interests of the marketing companies and simplified interactions with many of their customers. Now they can provide an interacting system that will gift their customers a hands-on experience with the products that the customers will be buying. For instance, if a customer is purchasing a shoe or a shirt, they can try it out without much hassle of trying a product and then moving on to the other. Using AR, the customers can even browse the information about quality and pricing, strengthening confidence and trust in the product. This solves the major problem of asymmetric information which has been a bothering thought in the realm of marketing.

The digital era we reside in presents online marketing supermarts at a click away on the internet world. However, the web pages are mere 2D animations present on a flat screen. An AR gear can port you over to the physical market where you experience an immersive and engaging phenomenon and a better understanding of the products, from your place, in real time. Such extensions of the AR have turned it into a useful instrument for the marketing companies, bolted with more future promises.