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Augmented Reality to Transform Field Service Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Field service industry has turned its focus on Augmented Reality (AR) to drive business innovation. With the ability to assist workers in enhancing their productivity, AR is likely to play a significant role in the field service industry in the future. According to an estimate by Goldman Sachs, AR and virtual reality (VR) will turn into an $80 billion market within a decade.

AR makes information more interactive and easy to process. AR can also play a great role in teaching new skill sets to the workers at minimum cost that will help the industry enhance productivity without requiring significant resources. However, many of the small and medium field service companies are facing challenges to adopt AR in their environment. Many of these companies are daunted by the complexity to implement AR.

Few Field Service Companies: Hancock Software, MAVERICK Technologies LLC, ProDBX

There is a huge value proposition in integrating AR with artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning. Thus AR can also be used across all sections of value chain. With AR support, manual services like small repair work can be delivered to a customer by an executive remotely, without having to visit client’s residence or company.

AR technology is most useful for manufacturing workers who engage in complex assembly, maintenance and repair works. AR solutions show real-time images of the physical world that assists assemblers and quality assurance technicians to perform multiple tasks. Besides, through AR-based solutions, field service agents can get live support from experts remotely for on the spot guidelines while executing complex tasks. The maintenance work guided by AR improves performance of assembly works in manufacturing.

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