Augusoft Launches BI Solutions Powered by LERN

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 26, 2014

Minneapolis, MN: Augusoft, developer of Lumens – a cloud-based enrollment management system, has launched business intelligence (BI) tools for Lumens. Equipped with the power of Learning Resources Network (LERN) tools and reports, the company offers best practice data analysis to the education sector, reports PR Web. 

LERN is an association that provides information and consulting to education providers. Serving 9000 professionals ranging from institutions, state universities, colleges, public schools, recreation departments and associations every year, LERN provides practical, marketing know-how, finances, sales, management and product development.  Publications, newsletters, webinars, conferences, in-house training programs and consulting are its prominent services.

Lumens BI powered by LERN reports and LERN tools gives Augusoft’ clients an edge over other programs. For example, unique metrics can be retrieved, analyzed and reported with ease. The other major benefits is the access to the best-in-the-industry tools that provide greater in-depth data mining of key industry metrics.

Lumens Dashboards provides real-time user interface with single web page that displays current status with the key performance indicators of an educational organization’s historical trends. This helps in better and fast decision making at a glance for a program manager.

 “The latest trend in software is to include a dashboard with real-time data,” stated Greg Marsello, Vice President of Operations with LERN. “Although many continuing education programs can collect the right registration, class programming, marketing and sales data, they cannot analyze the data easily and quickly. With Lumens BI, integrated LERN reports and LERN tools, Augusoft clients get best practice data analysis in one place, easily and immediately.”