AURO Integrates MidoNet into Their Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Friday, May 22, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC: AURO, a Canada based cloud computing service, forms a strategic partnership with network virtualization solution provider, Midokura. AURO IaaS solution built on OpenStack together with Midokura’s networking technology intends to further achieve high availability (HA) across compute regions, instances and storage setup.

MidoNet the software-defined networking (SDN) solution from Midokura will now assist AURO in delivering an easy-to-use cloud computing service possible since it supports AURO’s enterprise-grade multi-zone and multi-region cloud deployments across Canada.

AURO networking service delivers enterprise-grade services and deploys the latest software networking technologies to support their cloud customers. Because of the size of their cloud, AURO needed their network to continue being highly distributed and as flexible and automatable as the compute virtualization, such as for services like virtual private networks (VPC) and load-balancing as a service (LBaaS) within individual tenants.

AURO strivers to offer high performance features that collate across the system, and ensure quality performance of public cloud environment. Its Intelligent Resource Scheduler guarantees that compute and block storage resources achieve highest utilization levels while ensuring minimum Quality of Service (QoS) levels; Elastic Network Architecture powers open, proven and performant technologies to enable a high performance network architecture and High IOPS Block Storage on enterprise grade x86 hardware deploys a variety of storage technologies including SSD acceleration in Block Storage to thwart performance problems.

“We are currently working on building our Cloud Computing 2.0 framework using OpenStack for Vancouver and Toronto and needed a partner that will ensure our deployment is rock-solid and help give our customers the confidence of 99.99 percent and higher availability. MidoNet was the best network virtualization solution available and helped us achieve our goals of multi-zone and multi-region deployment,” says Matt McKinney, Chief Strategy Officer at AURO.