Authentise 3DIAX Provides Storage and Access to 3D- based Tools and Applications Under One Roof

By CIOReview | Friday, July 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Authentise, a 3D design solution provider, launches 3DIAX for app developers  to secure storage and tools. 3DIAX is a durable, redundant and free storage cloud facility custom made for 3D applications.

Application developers can use the 3DIAX platform to provide access to solutions to a large audience in an integrated workflow. This allows 3DIAX users to make sure they're always using best in class tools by lowering switching costs, simply and on a more affordable pay-per-use basis. Authentise’s 3DIAX is designed to make it easier for users to maintain a large database of model data in the cloud.

3DIAX offers secure storage with access to dozens of tools developed by Authentise and other third parties, including rendering, nesting, file fixing, model manipulation, search, toolpath generation and others, as well as full access to Authentise's Design Streaming and Print Monitoring tools.

“Our security solutions are already used by leading 3D enabled businesses. Now we’re making it even easier for application developers and corporations to deliver 3D content to manufacturing and beyond by giving them access to all the tools they need in one place,” “We’re excited to be working with leading organizations such as Siemens as well as startups to bring their tools to a broad audience,” said Andre Wegner, CEO, Authentise.

Authentise empowers companies to use 3D printing to distribute their products to anyone who wants to purchase and print. The company ensures that the product design of companies are protected and authenticated in the process. Its API to stream 3D printing files allows digital design owners to get paid on a per print basis without handing out complete design files. Design owners can stream 3D designs directly from their website thereby ensuring IP security and design integrity.