Autogrid Welcomes New Partners And Developers To Expand Energy Data Analytics
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Autogrid Welcomes New Partners And Developers To Expand Energy Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Monday, September 26, 2016

California: Today everything is connected to technology and so is the infrastructure through which electricity is generated, distributed and consumed. AutoGrid, a startup company based in California is taking advantage of the same. The company is into energy data analytics and is busy making the world more energy efficient.

AutoGrid analyses the data generated by smart meters and building management systems and provides insights into where the power is going and enact automated responsive controls. 

AutoGrid has developed a cloud-based software platform that takes petabytes of energy grid data and analyzes them to scrutinize what is happening on the grid in real time. The company makes use of this data to offer services and apps to utility customers like prediction applications, optimization of the grid, or analysis of trends in energy usage.

Backed by new products, customers and also funding, the company is getting ready to open up its data platform to third party developers and partners. This will open up new arenas for the company as well as gain more customers. As observed by Katie Fehrenbacher for Gigaom, the chances of creation of a killer app is also more with the inputs from the new partners.

The escalation of AutoGrid, developed by Amit Narayan to its current status represents the growing trend in big data within the power and energy industry, to make it more energy efficient and profitable.