Automated Control Concepts Partners with for Digital Transformation
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Automated Control Concepts Partners with for Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 11, 2023

ACC partners with to provide manufacturing sector clients with cutting-edge AI and ML digital transformation solutions.

FREMONT, CA: “We are very excited to partner with industry leader Automated Control Concepts to implement state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions," says Aldo Ferrante, founder, and CEO at SORBOTICS. Automated Control Concepts (ACC), a provider of digital transformation solutions and consulting services for enterprises in the life sciences and manufacturing industries, has partnered with SORBOTICS, LLC's

“Our mission is Making Smart Machines Simple, and together we can provide the next generation automation platform for industrial systems and build learning machines that can autonomously improve operations,” adds Ferrante.

ACC has prioritized its digital transformation solutions domain and teamed with in response to the global demand for industrial systems to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to optimize process control systems and boost risk mitigation.

Originally designed as an automation platform, focuses on industrial systems that include "DataOps" data contextualization management using the unified namespace, "MLOps" machine learning DevOps lifecycle management, machine learning training, automation systems connectivity, IoT connectivity, dashboard visualization, workflow, and time series hot data storage on edge or in the cloud. SORBOTICS, LLC developed the hybrid software platform, which blends AI and cloud computing to provide a broad range of applications to make AI more accessible to enterprises with limited machine learning expertise.

Using a consultative approach, ACC guides clients on a planned and illustrated digital transformation journey; the platform lets clients focus on operational business while ACC determines best-fit solutions.

“ will be another tool in ACCs arsenal to provide solutions to deliver on the promise of digital transformation,” says Kevin Hannigan, CEO of Automated Control Concepts. “The partnership will not only benefit the organizations and their customers but will also emphasize the large-scale benefits of using the autoML software, such as a reduction of energy consumption, improved production yield, and lower carbon dioxide emissions.”

ACC provides clients with features such as predictive maintenance, optimization of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), digital twin simulation, advanced process control, forecasting, vibration analysis, and more, all given in an easily consumable step-by-step format.