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Automated Testing to be Deployed for Quick Execution of Software

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Once a software is created, it is essential to ‘test’ its ability and accuracy. An effective testing practice should be able to successfully manage test tools, interpret results, and ensure testing to be a seamless part of the development process, reports Viktor Clerc for CM Crossroads.

An ideal testing practice should provide insights of each test to the stakeholder, development managers, release managers, and developers through continuous integration and delivery tools. Spontaneous response plays a vital role in the testing process. Therefore, the testing tools should be able to provide instant feedback and allow developers to manage and execute all results of the automated tests for successful and quick deployment of applications.

These days, automated testing has become a hot cake for the software development sector owing to its ability to create better software in a faster way. The instant feedback functionality allows the DevOps team to improve the quality of software by making modifications as required. Businesses need to transition from the traditional methods of software testing to automated testing. Under the automated testing practice, developers can just enter the required acceptance criteria after which the technology will do its job.