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Automation and Gamification Critical for Cyber Security

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 7, 2018

According to a survey and report by the security firm McAfee, automation in the security operations centre (SOC) and gamification in the workplace are essential for overpowering cyber criminals. Due to the increase and complexity of cyber threats, IT security teams face challenges in terms of investing in technology and finding the right people with the desired cyber security skills.

The increased threat landscape that the cyber security workforce face, require automation as an essential element to beat cyber attackers. By human-machine teaming, automated programs can handle basic security protocols. 81 percent respondents believe that if organizations implemented greater automation, cyber security would be stronger. A quarter of them was of the opinion that automation focused on innovation and value-added work by freeing up time while 32 percent don’t invest in automation due to the lack of in-house skills, the report stated.

The survey also found that gamification, a concept of applying elements of game-playing to non-game activities, is gaining importance as a tool to help impel a ‘higher performing cyber security organization.’ Organizations have gamification exercises such as capture-the-flag, hackathons, or bug bounty or red team-blue team programs. 96 percent organizations have said to have benefited from gamification.

The report stated that respondents reporting of job satisfaction are likely to be in organizations that run gamification exercises numerous times in a year. 57 percent respondents reported that using the gamification method increased awareness and staff knowledge of the how breaches occur, 43 percent believed that gamification enforced a teamwork culture that was essential for cyber security, while 77 percent senior managers agreed upon the same.

The report suggested that the best way to address the shortage of skilled cyber security workers is through those gamers, immersed in online competitions. This step could be a logical way to fill up the existing gaps.

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